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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Perfect Proposal

Enjoyed a lie-in until 12 pm today. I can't say I was even that tired, it was just the fact I had the choice to stay in bed.

I survived last night's 'one missed call'. I'm not sure my friend was too impressed when he turned to see me cowering next to him with a pashmina over my face and my fingers in my ears. Technically I could still see what was happening, it's just the pashmina acted as my comfort blanket, and a sort of shield from what I was seeing. It's always quite exciting going to the cinema in the dead of night and then ending up back home at 2.30am. I almost felt this justified me wandering up the road and getting cheese and chips from the Woodville Chip Bar, but then I think I'll save that until the next time the alcohol takes control. The film was rubbish, I cracked jokes pretty much the whole was through in a weak attempt to make the whole experience less horrifying. What can I say, it must have worked, I went out like a light.

Friends is definitely an ideal antidote to hard days slog in the library. They're talking about perfect ways to propose...hmmm... that gets me thinking. I realise I'm no where near that stage yet, I need to concentrate firstly on getting a man and I can't say I particularly want one. But I don't think any girls can say they haven't thought about that moment when their man drops to their knee. I've got high hopes for my wedding proposal and I have to say that if the whole things a let down then in my eyes, the man probably will be in the end.

Never mind 'indecent proposal' more like 'perfect proposal'. I partly blame Sweet Home Alabama, and my trip to Tiffany's for my vision of the perfect proposal. The endless chic flicks I've watched with my friends, swooning over the perfect man and questioning why chivalry is so dead certainly haven't helped. I selected my engagement ring when I was 15, a sparkly, expensive, pink diamond courtesy of Tiffany's. The perfect location was found last year in China, a place called Lijiang which has gorgeous red lanterns hanging everywhere and streams where you can place wax flowers on whilst making a wish. I'm not sure how my future hopeful will find out about all my secret wishes, perhaps it might be a case of subtly planting my diary where he can see it, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it...

Random thought of the day but I'm in one of those moods!!

Until my next thought...

Hannah xx


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